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4330-01-614-7738 Fluid Filter Assembly USMC 10004C0102

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    4330-01-614-7738 Fluid Filter Assembly USMC 10004C0102

    You are buying a brand new Fluid Filter Assembly, USMC Logistics Command part number 10004C0102. Part of a system improvement plan (SIP3) to protect the incredibly complex hydraulics of the M9 ACE (Armored Combat Earthmover). Includes G2642Z25 Filter, fittings, and mounting bracket. Current invoice on this unit is $861.86. Extremely nice piece. L3C12


    CXCY Part Name Assigned BY Controlling Agency Modernized M9 ace
    FEAT Special Features SIP-4 and MCM-1;IMPROVED hydraulic subsystem, steering suspension, upgraded engine, fire extinguisher system and external storage capacity