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Mclaren MDS Diagnostic Tools Mclaren MDS Tester,OEM Mclaren Diagnostic.

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    Detailed Product Description
    Color: Silver Condition: New
    Model Number: DEIS


    Mclaren MDS Diagnostic Tester Tool
    Language: English,German,French,Spanish,Italian,Chinese,Japanese.
    Delivery time:can be sent to any country within 19 days.

    Mclaren MDS Diagnostic is no extra charge for the tester within two years after activation,From the third year on, Mclaren MDS system account will be charged 1800 USD per year.
    Mclaren MDS Used for all Mclaren vehicle diagnosis, fault finding and control unit Coding Flash Programming,MDS system Automatic update.
    Mclaren adoption brand new MDS II Panasonic cf-d1 Tablets computer make work faster.Due to the change of parts in the factory, the final order of McLaren shall prevail.
    Mclaren MDS system contains all vehicle technical documentation information .

    Diagnostic Tool KIT Checklist:
    Mclaren MDS CF-D1 Tablets
    Mclaren MDS Diagnostic system
    Mclaren VCI Diagnostic Adapter
    Mclaren MDS Docking Station
    Mclaren OBD Adapter
    Mclaren MDS Battery
    Mclaren MDS USB Cable
    Mclaren MDS Stylus Pen
    Mclaren MDS Power Cord
    Mclaren MDS Ethernet Cable
    Mclaren MDS Tool carry case
    Mclaren MDS Use Instruction manual
    Maserati MDS Activation License Code
    Mclaren MDS system account password
    Mclaren Technical service support card

    Tool warranty period is 5 years. We also provide long-term technical service support. If the factory has a new diagnostic tester tool update Substitute, we can also recovery buy back your tools equipment.