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Simulated solar panel sand and dust resistance test chamber YSDT- SERIES.

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    Simulated solar panel sand and dust resistance test chamber YSDT-1000

    Dust resistance test chamber is designed for sealing performance test and reliability test, widely used in electrical,

    electronics, automobile, motorcycle, LED and other products. It is suitable for the work ability test on the shell sealing performance, product in dust free settlement, in the environment without apparent air flow or with a strong blast air and a large amount of sand dust, and similar conditions.

    1. Use electronic sensor and humidity displayed in the control panel directly.
    2. Provides a ready-made solution to common tests for automotive and electronic.
    3. Adopt large viewing glass can let operator see the specimen clearly.
    4. Imported high grade stainless steel inner tank (SUS304) mirror panels.
    5. Equipment containing dust vertical circulation of air, dust can be reused for testing.
    6. Device equipped with a vacuum system to meet the needs test.

    Technical specification:

    Model No


    YSDT-512 YSDT-1000 YSDT-1500 YSDT-1728
    Inner chamber size (W*H*D mm) 500*600*500 800*800*800 1000*1000*1000 1000*1000*1500 1200*1200*1200
    External chamber size (W*H*D mm) 850*1550*850 1150*1700*1150 1350*1950*1350 1350*1950*1850 1550*2150*1550
    Metal screen stencil OD 50um
    Standard line-line distance 75um
    Fossil meal usage 2kg ~ 4kg/m3
    Vibration hit time 0 ~ 99H59M,adjustable
    Circular air flow time 0 ~ 99H59M,adjustable
    Dust collection 25gm±5gm within 5 mins
    Control system
    Controller LCD touch screen controller, TEMP880
    Vacuum system Equipped with a pressure gauge, air filter, pressure regulating triple, connecting tube ( Reprovision vacuum pump)
    Circulating fan Enclosed alloy low-noise motor, multi-vane centrifugal fan
    Dust heating system Stainless steel mica sheet heating jacket
    Safety Devices Electric leakage, short circuit, Over-temperature, motor overheating Over-current protection/ Power failure memory function for controller